Meet The Founder

Dara Erck

Dara (she/her), the heart and soul behind SAM+LEO, and a devoted mom to two incredible teenage boys. Dara’s journey into the world of clean, supportive products began one summer while preparing her son for sleepaway camp. Struggling to find products that were not only safe but also supportive of her son's mental well-being, she discovered a glaring need for better options.

Dara didn't jump in immediately. Instead, she took her time, mulling over her experience and reaching out to other parents. The overwhelming number of similar frustrations she heard confirmed she wasn't alone in her quest for healthier, more thoughtful products. Encouraged by this shared need, Dara leveraged her extensive background in global health to create SAM+LEO, a brand dedicated to filling that gap with products that parents can trust and teens can benefit from.

Join us at SAM+LEO, where every product is crafted with care and your family's health in mind.

Her individual core values are:

Inclusivity, positivity, education, sustainability, kindness, and individuality.

We Put Our Values First

✦ Kindness

✦ 100% Natural

✦ Individuality

✦ Sustainability

Our Pillars

We are a purpose-driven, social impact company devoted to teens and clean body care options. Everything to do falls into our pillars:


✦ Positivity 

✦ Education 

✦ Sustainability

✦ Authenticity