The Puberty Podcast - Dolly Klock on Zyn, Vapes and Nicotine

The Puberty Podcast - Dolly Klock on Zyn, Vapes and Nicotine

Nicotine ranks up there with heroin and cocaine on the list of most addictive substances. And yet it has been folded into daily routine life, making it a substance that is both abused and normalized. We dive into the delivery devices for nicotine – explaining the evolution from cigarettes to smokeless tobacco in the form of vapes, chew, and nicotine pouches – and then examine why this substance works differently in developing tween and teen brains. 

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Tip! Listen until the end. The best information or persuasive messaging is right at the end. Did you know - nicotine actually impacts penis size AND erectile function?! And while it may feel like it supports ADHD and anxiety, in the long-term, it actually has a negative impact.

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